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Past Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph is the founder and Principal Pastor of the Citizen of the Kingdom Church. The founder of the Le Coeur du Père Foundation and the President of Radio Kingdom X.

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My story

After completing his classical studies in Haiti, he continued his studies in France, where he trained in Business Management at the Conservatoire Arts et Métiers in Paris and a theological training course at the École Biblique Charisma in Paris, at Impact International Biblical School, at Laval University.  


He was officially ordained along with his wife Saintfania L. Joseph by the Bishops Emmanuel Lazarre of the Mission of the Co-Heirs, Luke S. Charles of the Church of God Eben-Ezer and Pastor David Charles in the presence of more than 20 pastors and 500 people at the Vie Transformée church.


Two years after responding to God's call, Pastor Richard established the Church Citizen of the Kingdom. He continues to work tirelessly by forming disciples, citizens on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Holy Spirit does not cease to work miracles in the lives of a great number of people in Canada, in the United States, in Haiti through its ministry.

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